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We did it!! Thank you SO much to all of our backers!! Your support is helping to create something beautiful and unique for both the cats and people of NYC. Every additional dollar will go to getting Little Lions up and running and help us build our amazing cat purradise! 


Our Mission 

To provide a haven where the needy felines of New York City can thrive. In this serene oasis, humans and cats will be able to bond and realize the mutual benefits of each others' company, while friends and fellow cat lovers share a pot of tea and a truly special experience. 


What is a Cat Tea House? 

Little Lions will be a tranquil space where one can come and drink unique varieties of locally procured teas; taking advantage of the numerous health benefits associated with tea.  Little Lions will not only be a wonderful refuge for our cats, but will also be a beautifully designed space that will provide our human visitors with a lovely place to relax and unwind. Designing and building the space from the ground up, will enable us to create a flow that seamlessly maximizes the feline and human experiences. 


Benefits for the Cats

The space will be a cat paradise. There has been a lot of thoughtful planning to integrate designs that are not only beautiful, but will also supports a cat's natural tendencies to climb, scratch and play! 

Kittens and cats will occupy the space. Kittens are ideal candidates because they are able to adapt to the space, each other and the patrons much more quickly. Adult cats will be a part of the sanctuary as well since the majority of shelter cats are over 5 year olds and are ordinarily in most need of a home.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals states that every year, about 5 to 7 million pets enter the animal shelter system, of which more than half are cats. Unfortunately, approximately 70% of those cats are euthanized simply because no one wants them.

All cats will eventually be adoptable and we plan to hold regular adoption events so that we can expand our reach past our own circle and help the thousands of other needy cats find forever homes. 


Benefits for the Humans 

New York City is the most populous city in the country with a population density to match. With so many people living in such close proximity, and a pace of life that validates the nickname "the city that never sleeps", many find that pet ownership is not a possibility for them. Little Lions is a respite, a place where people will be able to enjoy some peace from the clamor of the city and experience the wonderful feeling of connecting with a purring cat. 




​We are partnering with Anjellicle Cat Rescue which is a no-kill, all volunteer not-for-profit organization who for over 10 years has been a lifeline for abandoned, stray and neglected cats and kittens. They are a member of the Mayor's alliance and a New Hope Partner with the New York Animal Care and Control (ACC). The people at Anjellicle Cat Rescue are a dedicated bunch of people whose concern for the cats of NYC is truly inspiring. 







Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will Little Lions maintain health standards?

    The cat lounge will be completely separate from the tea house and we have been working closely with the Department of Health to come up with some creative solutions to ensure that we adhere to all health codes while maintaining the intimacy of the space.

    All cats will be checked by a veterinarian and be given a clean bill of health, including being up to date on all vaccines and being spayed/neutered before they enter the cafe.

  • When will Little Lions open?

    If funding can be secured as planned, our goal is to open the Spring 2015

  • Why do you need to raise so much money?

    Manhattan retail space is some of the priciest in the country and we want to be able to show a potential landlord that we can handle the burden. The space will also be created from the ground up to ensure that we maintain health standards without sacrificing the experience.

  • Where will the cats come from?

    There will be approximately 10-20 cats housed in the sanctuary depending on space and we will work with our partner Anjellicle Cats Rescue and Animal Care and Control.

  • How will reservations be sold?

    Reservations will be sold in hour increments. Eventually, larger blocks of time will be available so a person can come and spend all day interacting with their furry friends if they wish.

  • Where will the tea house be located?

    A space downtown is where we are currently looking, but the main objective is to have lots of windows with plenty of space for out cats and patrons to soak up the sun and city and just relax.

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